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A fine selection of music from the Far East and beyond


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Tubidy Music is the perfect app for listening to trending hits in Asia. Thanks to this app you're updated on the latest major hits released in Asia.

From Tubidy Music you access a list of popular hits from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Korea, China and India. In order to zoom in on a specific country just tap on its category. From there you generate a full list of popular hits and the most-played, top songs for that country.

Tubidy Music has a comfortable menu in the upper left corner. From there you can switch up your location to enjoy music 24h a day. Plus, it has a button in the lower corner of the screen to add tracks to your playlist of favorite tunes.

Lastly, if you what you're looking for is a way to listen to top hits worldwide, this tool has a global trending music list to let you play huge artists from today's music scene from all over the globe.
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